Estimate your small business retirement plan contribution

Simplify the process of calculating contributions and determining employee eligibility in your business retirement plan with the Small Business Retirement Contribution Calculator.

Before getting started, make sure to have your:

  • Schedule C/K1 Net Profit or W-2 Income Statement
  • Census data on employees (if applicable). This includes month and year of hire, birthdate, and W-2 Income.
  • Current Plan Eligibility Rules (age requirement and service requirement).

OroTrade and Convergent Retirement Plan Solutions, LLC are separate and unaffiliated firms. Each is not responsible for the services or policies of the other. This tool is provided as a service for self-directed investors and is not a substitute for qualified tax advice. It is provided for educational purposes and is not a recommendation.


The tool calculations are based on information available in IRS Publication 560. The tool does not cover every possible situation. Calculation results are determined based on data entered into this tool, and are not based on plan documents you may have executed at OroTrade or at another financial institution. Your specific plan documents and definitions must be consulted for detailed information, definitions, and potential exceptions. You should speak with a tax professional. Ask them any questions you may have about your tax situation or your eligibility to contribute to a retirement plan.

Unique tool benefits for self-employed business owners

  • Model different levels of contribution easily to help narrow down the contribution amount that may work best for you.
  • Determine which of your employees may be eligible to receive plan contributions.
  • Calculate the eligible employees' contribution, in accordance with the self-employed business owner's contribution in a snap! Our unique functionality includes the complex "earned income formula".
  • Get a head start on your taxes and estimate your contribution level before finalizing your yearly contributions with a tax advisor.

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