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Fixed and variable annuities can provide a steady stream of income

Whether you’re already retired or years away, you can feel more confident in your planning with guaranteed income from a fixed or variable annuity. Choose from fixed annuities with a stated payout rate, or variable annuities with a payout rate based on market performance. 

Benefits of investing in annuities

  • Guaranteed income for life - the only investment product that can provide guaranteed income for life, annuities are contracts between investors and insurance companies.
  • Tax benefits - annuities offer tax-deferred growth potential, which means your money can compound and grow tax-deferred until a withdrawal or an annuitized payment is made. 
  • Hedge against market fluctuations - annuities can offer several different guarantees that provide protection during market downturns, and may, for an additional cost, include guaranteed growth, guaranteed principal protection, or a stream of income that is guaranteed for life and will never decrease. 
  • Higher payouts - annuity payments include interest and a portion of your principal contribution, and may even continue after you've recouped your principal, giving you higher payouts than comparable investments that provide income. 

Already have an annuity?

We may be able to help you save money. Our Annuity Specialists can review your existing annuity from another carrier to determine whether we can save you money in fees and potentially find a lower-cost alternative with our competitive solutions. They can also review your existing policy to make sure it aligns with both your goals and long-term investing strategy.

Investors should consider any policy replacements or exchanges carefully, as charges and loss of benefits may be associated with surrendering an existing policy.

Why choose

  • Competitively priced - may save you money compared with annuities you own now. Learn more about the benefits of purchasing an annuity through OroTrade.
  • Valuable benefits - including optional lifetime income and inflation protection.
  • Exceptional value - tax-deferred investment growth and no surrender fees for variable annuities.
  • Team of licensed annuity specialists - our non-commissioned team can help you find solutions to meet your needs.
  • Annuities from highly-rated insurance carriers - the annuity products available through OroTrade are provided by established insurance carriers1,with S&P AA- ratings or better.

Which annuity is right for you?

BenefitsSingle Premium Immediate AnnuityDeferred Income AnnuityFixed Deferred AnnuityVariable Annuity with Optional GLWB Benefit*

Offers guaranteed income for life

Offers a tax-advantaged income stream

Can provide a steady, guaranteed stream of income immediately 

Can provide a steady, guaranteed stream of income at some point in the future

Locks in higher payout rates the longer you wait to receive payments

Growth potential tied to performance of underlying accounts 

Asset growth compounds tax-deferred

Can provide a financial legacy for your beneficiaries 

Offers access to your funds (prior to annuitization) 

Additional tax penalty if receiving payments before age 591/2

Strong Alignment

Partial Alignment**

No Alignment

*GLWB= Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit, available at an additional cost

** For Single Premium Immediate and Deferred Income annuities with Period Certain, Installment Refund, Cash Refund, or Death Benefit options

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