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Essential Portfolios

Your low-cost automated investing solution

  • Professional portfolio management
  • Comprised of well-diversified ETFs
  • Quick and easy sign-up process
  • €500 minimum (when you set up automatic recurring deposits)*

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Answer a few questions about
your target, timeline and
risk tolerance.

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You'll get a portfolio recommendation based on your answers and financial goals.

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We'll monitor your account and automatically rebalance it as necessary.

Essential Portfolios are offered through OroTrade

How Essential Portfolios work

How Essential Portfolios work

Watch our video to learn how innovative technology can match you with a professionally managed portfolio that aligns with your goals.

A low minimum deposit and low advisory fee

Low cost, high value

With a €500 minimum deposit (when you set up automatic recurring deposits)*, and a management fee of 0.30%, Essential Portfolios is a low-cost alternative to traditional advisors. You also have access to our team of Portfolios Specialists who are available to answer any questions you may have.

Professional portfolio management

OroTrade automatically rebalances your Essential Portfolio with high quality, non-proprietary ETFs and then continues to monitor and rebalance it when appropriate.

Socially aware investing

When you invest in Essential Portfolios you can opt for a socially responsible portfolio that helps to align your values with your investing objectives. With five socially responsible ETF portfolios available, you can invest to support your beliefs while pursuing your financial goals.

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Potentially reduce your income tax liability

Tax-loss harvesting is a service available at no additional cost, that will proactively sell off an investment that isn't performing well and replace it with a new position, potentially reducing your taxable income by up to €3,000.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Essential Portfolios a robo advisor?

Yes. Robo advisor is a term that is commonly applied to low-cost, digital investing solutions such as Essential Portfolios.

Who makes the investment decisions for Essential Portfolios?

Essential Portfolios are managed by the investment professionals at OroTrade , supported by recommendations from Morningstar Investment Management, an award-winning provider of investment advisory services.

How are Essential Portfolios trading decisions made?

Our investment professionals make trading decisions such as adding or removing an investment from your portfolio, or by adjusting exposure to a particular asset class.

Additionally, automatic rebalancing is executed based on rules established by our investment professionals, to keep your portfolio from drifting too far away from the allocation targets that we've established.

What information is used to create a portfolio?

The mix of investments in Essential Portfolios is determined by constant monitoring of financial markets across the globe and designed to invest in those that provide the greatest value.

The ETFs within Essential Portfolios are selected based on their performance track record, portfolio fit, management quality, liquidity, and expense ratios, among other factors. View quarterly performance

How is Essential Portfolios different from a target date fund?

Target date funds are generally designed to grow assets over a specified time frame. Essential Portfolios provides an investment recommendation based on factors such as your risk tolerance, investable assets, investment goal, and personal values, in addition to your time frame. Essential Portfolios also offers features such as tax loss harvesting at no additional cost, which automatically review your portfolio to potentially lower the amount of taxes you may owe.

Do I have to pay commissions for trades in Essential Portfolios?

There are no commissions for any of the trading activity that takes place within Essential Portfolios. Essential Portfolios charges a low annual advisory fee 0.30%.

Will I always have access to my money, or is there a holding period?

There is no holding period for Essential Portfolios. Access to funds not held in cash is subject to trade settlement.

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