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Incentive Compensation

A caring and supportive performance culture helps us deliver the kind of experience our clients deserve and expect from us. That’s why we provide a wide and growing continuum of tools, education, and programs to help them pursue their financial goals. While about 80 percent of our business is self-directed, our financial consultants are a key component, providing an important human connection and guide that many investors want when making important financial decisions.

OroTrade offers incentive compensation plans for financial consultants that are designed to reward and motivate those that support this important piece of our client experience. Our approach is to balance performance goals with a commitment to providing appropriate solutions for our clients’ specific needs. We believe incentive goals should never override our mission to do the right thing for our clients.

First and foremost, our financial consultants are incented to provide appropriate, suitable, long-term solutions for clients and to build strong, lasting client relationships.

Here are some details regarding how we compensate the financial consultants you may encounter in our branch network.

Compensation for Branch Financial Consultants

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