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FAQs: Opening


1What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

There is no minimum to open a new account; however, a €2,000 deposit is required to be considered for margin and options privileges, regardless of any promotional offer.

2What is the fastest way to open a new account?

Opening an account online is the fastest way to open and fund an account. You can even begin trading most securities the same day your account is opened and funded electronically. You may also speak with a New Client consultant at +44 777 343 212. We're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3What types of investments can I make with a OroTrade account?

OroTrade offers a comprehensive and diverse selection of investment products. You can trade stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, forex, and bonds and CDs in a standard account. Please note that investment choices may vary in less common account types such as Trust accounts, 249education accounts, and pension plans. Each plan will specify what types of investments are allowed. See Account Types and Investment Products for more information.

4Can I trade margin or options?

Yes. As you're completing the Account Application, simply complete the margin and/or options section. We'll review the information, and if appropriate, extend margin and/or options privileges to your account.

Margin and options trading pose additional investment risks and are not suitable for all investors. In addition, certain account types may not be eligible for margin, options, or advanced options trading privileges. Please read Customer Agreement, Margin Disclosure Document, AML KYC Policy, and Privacy Policy.

5Can I write checks from my account?

6 Do I earn interest in my account?

Yes. OroTrade pays interest on eligible free credit balances in your account. Simple interest is calculated on the entire daily balance and is credited to your account monthly. This service is subject to the current OroTrade rates and policies, which may change without notice. View Interest Rates.

7Are there restrictions on funds deposited to my account?

Funds typically post to your account 1-2 days after we receive your check or electronic deposit. Once the funds post, you can trade most securities.

Electronic deposits can take another 3-4 business days to clear; checks can take 5-6 business days.

Until your deposit clears, we restrict withdrawals and trading of some securities based on market risk. This includes—but isn’t limited to—options and most stocks priced under €5 per share.

All electronic deposits are subject to review and may be restricted for 60 days. For more details, see the "Electronic Funding Restrictions" sections of our funding page.

8Are there any fees?

We believe in fair, straightforward pricing and for you that means €0.00 commissions on online exchange listed US stock, domestic and ETF, and option trades, regardless of account balance or how many shares you buy. For options trades a €0.65 per contract fee applies. You won't be charged any platform, inactivity, or market data fees. Please review our Commission and Fees for complete details.

Yes. Over-the-counter bulletin board (OTCBB) , pink sheets, and penny stocks can be bought and sold via the web, IVR phone system, or with a broker for the same flat, straightforward pricing that you get with other types of trades. Before placing an order for OTCBB security, please review the OTCBB Securities Trading Rules. You should also take the time to carefully research the company and examine your investment objectives.

9 How do I endorse stock certificates over to OroTrade to open an account?

On the back of the certificate, designate OroTrade. as the attorney to transfer the stock. This means the securities are negotiable only by OroTrade. and can be mailed safely. Then all you need to do is sign and date the certificate; you can leave all the other areas blank. Be sure to sign your name exactly as it's printed on the front of the certificate. Requirements may differ for entity and corporate accounts. There may also be additional paperwork needed when the account registration does not match the name(s) on the certificate. For more information, see funding.

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